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Learn more about our most used method of care the Torque Release Technique (TRT)

Author : Dr. Grewal | Date: 11/25/2021

Dr.Grewal examines the spinal column to assess and pinpoint the regions where the nervous system has sustained damage, using the integrator tool for all adjustments. The integrator makes a clicking noise and provides a fast impulse into the muscles located in the spinal column. The technique replicates what hands do but with more specificity and less force. The Surrey Chiropractor uses the tool to deliver a frequency where nerve function is failing. Think of it as a jumpstart to the body's electr .... Continue Reading

Why is chiropractic care crucial for pregnancy?

Author : Dr. Grewal | Date: 12/2/2021

Many may assume chiropractic care can be risky during pregnancy, however the Surrey chiropractor ensures it brings nothing but positive benefits for the journey. Around 50% of pregnant women experience aching and pain in the lower back at several points during their pregnancy. This is where chiropractic care comes in to help with relieving the pain. The Surrey chiropractor uses the Webster technique which is catered for pregnant women. This technique is a very gentle chiropractic technique design .... Continue Reading

Managing Headaches

Author : Dr. Grewal | Date: 1/20/2022

Most Canadians will have at least one headache during their lives; however, the cause of the headache varies from person to person. Indeed, headache causes might include things like the environment, diet, stress, dehydration, and more. Muscles, joints, ligaments, and nerves can all produce or refer headaches or discomfort to the head. Chiropractic adjustments can help decrease headache pain by correcting the natural curvature of the neck and the alignment of the spine. It also supports better spi .... Continue Reading

How Does TRT Work?

Author : Dr. Grewal | Date: 12/20/2021

TRT is specific where the torque allows specific frequency in order to normalize nerve function with the quick impulses. This reliable tool delivers consistency and effective treatment. It ensures that the right amount of energy is delivered in every adjustment. TRT offers lasting results because it looks at treating the root of the health issues. TRT addresses back pain, neck pain, anxiety, headaches, balance, sleep, low energy, digestive issues, dizziness etc. The integrator tools' purpose is d .... Continue Reading

Treatment on Neck Pain

Author : Dr. Grewal | Date: 1/25/2022

You're not alone if you're experiencing neck pain, stiffness, or discomfort. Acute or chronic neck discomfort is thought to afflict anywhere from 16 percent to 75 percent of persons in different parts of the world.The majority of our days are spent sitting and staring at computer displays or mobile devices. After that, we go home and watch television or spend more time on our phones and tablets. This way of living puts a lot of strain on our necks, frequently leading to postural problems that .... Continue Reading