Author : Dr. Grewal | Date: 12/2/2021

Why is chiropractic care crucial for pregnancy?

Many may assume chiropractic care can be risky during pregnancy, however the Surrey chiropractor ensures it brings nothing but positive benefits for the journey. Around 50% of pregnant women experience aching and pain in the lower back at several points during their pregnancy. This is where chiropractic care comes in to help with relieving the pain. The Surrey chiropractor uses the Webster technique which is catered for pregnant women. This technique is a very gentle chiropractic technique designed for pregnant women that aligns the pelvis as well as the ligaments and muscles surrounding the area resulting in proper function during pregnancy. The goal of this technique is to acknowledge and address the misalignments. At your visit, Dr. Grewal will provide you with a pillow designed for pregnancy which allows you to comfortably lie face down. This technique begins with looking if your feet meet evenly when bent, if they do not meet evenly, this indicates that your pelvis is not aligned. Continuing, the adjustments are performed on the indicated areas. This technique has shown a 82% success rate which indicates preventative care. Benefits that come with this technique is that this is very gentle and safe ensuring no risks, this may ease leg pain, back pain, and tightness in the legs. This technique overall benefits pregnant women due to the relief it brings during pregnancy and labor.