Frequently Asked Questions

The integrator is the first FDA approved Chiropractic adjusting tool. Known for its ability to consistently apply the same adjustment. This tool helps the adjustments be as specific as possible.Learn more under techniques.

Some of us can turn our necks or twist our lower backs and hear some pops and cracks. It's not hard to get that sound, it's simply a gas release, not an adjustment. Spine adjustments performed by a chiropractor are specific.

No, some spots may be more sensitive however with TRT you will never be pulling or twisting your body into odd contortions. You can learn more under techniques (hyperlink to techniques)

No, you will not require a medical doctor referral to visit a Chiropractor in B.C.

Each adjustment can take anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes. Give yourself at least 10 minutes when coming into our office. Besides the first two visits, our time spent together in each visit is short.

Yes, adjustments are done on a TRT specific table with pregnancy pillows. Suited for first, second and third trimester patients.

You may begin prenatal care whenever you choose. Many choose to begin prior to conceiving and continue with post natal care as their body recovers from labour.

There is no set number of adjustments that will help you, every patient, every case is different. Some see immediate relief; others take some time.

Yes, there are several studies showing the effectiveness and safety of chiropractic care for kids. Normally, a gentle application is applied to the spine. There is never any cracking or popping while adjusting children.

You can bring a child in whenever you are ready. Some will bring their babies in as toddlers others are getting them adjusted from the day they are born, building a strong FOUNDATION.